One-Day Getaways in PA

We just came back from the Poconos and I gotta say, stepping out of Pittsburgh and into eastern PA was beautiful. Made me want to see more of my own state! Fortunately, a ton of cool stuff is planned all over Pennsylvania this summer, and none of it requires a hotel reservation or a plane!

Click HERE for a list of one-day getaways in PA like Pittsburgh’s own Little Italy days in Bloomfield. Mmmmmm…pasta…

Pack Like a Pro

My husband recently requested I begin rolling his clean laundry, rather than folding it. I was initially annoyed because HOW MANY THINGS DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME?! But I quickly realized it’s not more time-consuming, the clothes actually don’t wrinkle as much, and it creates extra space in the drawers. So, don’t tell him I told you, but the husband was on to something. Rolling clothes and these other space-saving tips have me feeling like a road trip packing pro, so bring on the vacations–MAMA’S READY TO DO SOME PACKING!

Multi-Generational Vacations & How To Make Them Work

Ages 2 through 62. That’s what we work with every year we vacation with extended family. It can be difficult finding the right balance of activities to make everyone happy, but preparation is key. Click HERE for tips on how to actually relax despite all the different needs of your fellow vacationers.

Pittsburgh Staycation

When I was a freshman in high school, my parents took me and my brother on a vacation to Pittsburgh. At first, we balked because 1. we live in Pittsburgh and 2. no beach = not a real vacation.

I was so wrong, you guys! My parents showed us the sights and sounds of our great city that, otherwise, a 15-year-old wouldn’t have known existed, much less appreciated. Pittsburgh: my favorite staycation!