Pittsburgh Summer Fun

Sandcastle Water Park, anyone? How about a ride on the Thunderbolt? Gotta have some Potato Patch fries!

If you don’t understand those things, you’re probably not from Pittsburgh! But summertime is the perfect time to visit our beautiful city if only for our water and amusement parks. Click the image below for a list of my favorite fair-weathered ‘burgh attractions…

Affordable Summer Trips

Not every vacation requires extensive travel or expensive accommodations. In fact, some of my family’s favorite memories were made on free trails and public beaches. When I was young, my parents took my brother and me on a “staycation” where we visited our local city’s museum’s, restaurants, and ballparks. Those simple trips remain some of my favorites.

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25 Things To Do Before Summer is Over!

In the words of my three-year-old, “Huwee, huwee!” and make the most of what’s left of summer! With less than a month to go, these sun-soaked, school-free days are limited. Take advantage of August’s lazy days by painting rocks, going on scavenger hunts outside or at your city’s museum’s, or switching up the dinner menu and serving breakfast! The simplest things leave the longest impact, so click HERE to make family memories now!

Tips to Stay Organized at the Beach

There’s no other place I’d rather be than on the beach. Though, traveling to and from with children in tow requires much preparation and a little summer savvy. For example, when the kids want snacks–every six minutes–it’s never a good idea to open a whole bag or package of anything, lest they dump sand inside, ruining the treats for everyone. Use a small (clean, ewww!) tackle box or jewelry organizer to store handfuls of yummies, making access easy and sand-free.

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Pittsburgh’s Free August Events

You know how the Grinch’s heart grew two sizes by the end of the movie? That’s me any time I can take advantage of FREE. Free product, free events, free opportunities. This stuff doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, I’m all



So you understand how I feel about Pittsburgh’s free August events, yes? Click HERE for a boatload of free summer fun courtesy of the steel city!