Winter Tire Care

I admit I’m a little OCD about stoopid things. For instance, if the light switches on one panel are facing different directions, I can’t sleep. My family has learned to look past these little quirks and love me anyway.

When a warning light is aglow on the dash of my car, I go full-blow OCD. It happens a lot this time of the year when the tire pressure is constantly fluctuating because of the change in outdoor temperatures and it drives me CRAZY. Following these winter tire care tips helps keep my vehicle safe and my sanity in check.

Best Vehicles for Holiday Shopping

It’s that time of the year, you guys. When we shop ’til we drop because SALES!! This year, my family has “adopted” three children in our community for whom we’ll buy Christmas gifts, so saving money is a must. I plan to get my shop on come Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, and for carting around my goodies, I’ll want the right vehicle. Aside from Santa’s sleigh, these are the best vehicles for holiday shopping and they have three things in common:

Tons of cargo space
Decent gas mileage
Tons of cargo space

Go forth, shop!

Safe Thanksgiving Travels

What’s more frustrating than your drunk uncle at the Thanksgiving dinner table rambling about Trump making America great again? All the traffic you just sat in to listen to him!

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year, and no one wants to get stuck in bumper to bumper traffic or have their flight delayed. Following these tips for successful Thanksgiving travel can help calm some of the chaos…but I can’t fix your drunk uncle. Sorry.

Scenic Autumn Drives

Okay kids, it’s almost winter.


But before the trees shed their leaves and everything is barren and cold and dark and omg someone get me a sun lamp…let’s go for a drive. Hop in the car and cruise–take in the last days of beautiful fall foliage in western PA. Check out the routes here.