Not a Joy Ride: Test Drive Your New Car LIKE. A. BOSS.

You know women are always scoffed at when car shopping. We’re seen as the weaker, more indecisive sex. Sales people I know have confided their managers thrive on giving women buyers the run-around.

So don’t let it happen to you, mmmkay?

Follow these tips when test driving a car, make sure you ask all the right questions, and you’ll walk out of that dealership with a new ride and your dignity!

Tips to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

I get my hair cut and highlighted once every three months.

My family goes to the dentist twice a year.

I vacuum once a day.

Even our dogs have regular check-ups and take medicine to keep fleas and ticks away.

With all the things that require maintenance, why would our cars be any different? The beauty of this regular maintenance is that most of it can be done by us…FOR FREE. As an example, these are things we can check–from home–once a month:

•    Air filter
•    Belts
•    Coolant (or Antifreeze, depending on the weather)
•    Hoses
•    Oil levels
•    Tires (pressure and wear)


This list goes on. Click HERE to read about the other ways we can proactively protect our cars and, by extension, those riding in them.

LOOK ALERT! Tips for Staying Alert While Driving

It goes without saying that no one should ever drive while sleepy, but that doesn’t mean some of us couldn’t use a mental boost while behind the wheel. I’ve been known to miss turns because even though my eyes are on the road, my mind has wandered. Had I followed these tips, I probably wouldn’t have gotten lost…

The Future of Cars: New Technology

I watched Saturday Night Live’s season premiere this weekend, and almost felt bad laughing at Michael Che’s joke about Saudi Arabia finally allowing women to drive–“only a few years after cars have been driving themselves!” While his satire carries heavier implications for women’s rights in other parts of the world, the fact that vehicles are actually self-driven now is nonetheless incredible. And technological advancements are only on the rise in automobiles. Check out the future of car technology HERE!

Tips for Long Hauls

Hitting the road? Gonna be a while? There are ups and downs to long road trips, but I’ve found ways to make the ups even better. Check out my ideas HERE!