FREE Mother’s Day Gifts!

I know we giggle about them, but those macaroni necklaces our preschoolers gift us really are the best things ever! In keeping with the sweetest, most treasured FREEEEE gift ideas, I’ve compiled a simple list for my children. This way, when it’s Mother’s Day, my birthday, or they’re just trying to butter me up because they want something, they can pull from these gifts. You are welcome, kids!

Clean something. Anything.
Hug me in public where all your friends can see AND MEAN IT.
Write me a poem.
Clean something else, preferably my car that you’ve destroyed just by riding in it.
Eat whatever I make for dinner and don’t complain a single time.
Do something like take out the trash or put your laundry away without me having to ask.
Surprise me with good news.
Sit and chat with me about anything, everything.
Clean something else. PLEASE.

For those who need ideas for scrubbing my car inside and out, allow me to present a few tips that’ll make any vehicle shine!