Get Your Trunk-or-Treat On!

Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween. I think it’s because it exposes my zero-creativity when it comes to costumes, but I also blame the weather. Here in western PA, it’s almost always freezing and raining when we trick-or-treat. Treking up and down the hills of our ‘hood, fingers like ice by the time we’re back home, a chill in the bones we just can’t shake. Then all the chocolate makes my kids nuts and me fat and oh, Halloween! Mama not a fan.

But I can get on board with something called Trunk-or-Treating. It requires less walking, is done in well-lit areas, and if it’s raining, I can just chill in my heated car! WINNING! Check these amazing Trunk-or-Treating car costumes, too–talk about entertaining!