My Favorite F Word

I’ve been accused of having verbal diarrhea. I say what’s on my mind, sometimes without filtering it for public consumption, and once it starts, it’s hard to stop. I believe this trait was passed down from my paternal Grandmother. It has won me friends–and enemies–and is always good for causing a little trouble or a lot of laughs. Fortunately, when it spews out, it’s not hurtful, just…colorful?

When I told my family I was writing an article about my favorite F word, they were naturally concerned. Until I confessed FREE has since eclipsed my former favorite: FUDGE.

Not what ya thought it was gonna be, eh?

Anyway,  there’s so much free to go around, but not many of us know about it or take advantage of it. So allow me: here are some FREE winter activities to pass the time with your family. You are welcome.