Road Trip Trivia

It’s probably because we’re both educators, but my husband and I are always looking to turn life into learning opportunities for our three kids. Sometimes, these opportunities present themselves and natural consequences are the very best teacher: don’t brush your teeth? Funky breath and cavities.

Other times, we make a concerted effort to infuse a little bit of learning into otherwise mundane activities, like driving. You ever drive a long distance with three little kids in the back seat? If you’ve just rolled your eyes or sighed audibly, you have. To avoid listening to, “Are we there yet” approximately 63,000 times, the husband and I force a friendly game of road trip trivia on our disgruntled yet adorable passengers. There are a few different ways to manage road trip trivia, so you do you:

  1. Download apps to facilitate the fun
  2. Put together a list of questions before hitting the road.
  3. Take a look at these ideas for more road trip trivia and choose what excites your passengers!