Travel Trivia: Pennsylvania Edition

My husband is the king of trivia. The man has more useless knowledge piled up in his brain than Lady Gaga has wigs. I admire his ability to store all that info; I forget what I did yesterday, so remembering stuff like the year the first Pittsburgh baseball stadium was built doesn’t quite earn priority in my cranium.

The answer is 1909, BTW.

It’s that seemingly unproductive information that busts up boredom for our family when traveling long distances, though. My husband and his trivia-laden self are excellent at doling out questions to detract from traffic woes and to engage even the most miserable travelers. Because we hail from the beautiful Pittsburgh, PA, it only makes sense that he favors Pennsylvania travel trivia like:

Q: What are the five major rivers in the state of Pennsylvania?
A: Ohio, Delaware, Allegheny, Mississippi, and Susquehanna

Q: Which city is the smallest in the state and maybe even the world?
A: Parker, PA

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