Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom? Here are 3 Tricks to Help.

Image Credit: Daria Shevtsova from Unsplash.

Are your kids doing that annoying growing-up thing, too? What was once their peaceful nursery is now too baby-ish and all eyes are on YOU to fix’er up! Joanna Gaines I am not, but even I can follow these three tips to go transform my kids’ space.

Bonus tip: involve your child in the process. They’ll have ownership over the decisions and finished product, and you’ll have a helper!

Decorating Your Kid’s Bedroom: 3 Top Tricks

1. Be Smart With Shelves

You’ll need a certain amount of storage space in your kid’s room, but you wouldn’t want to risk your child running into it and hurting themselves. You wouldn’t even want to risk something falling down and hurting them. That’s why it’s worth being smart with the shelving you use.

With the right options and placement, you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Open shelves can be one of the better options for this. Not only will they be out of reach for your child, but they add to the visual appeal much more than you’d think.

2. Make Wall Decorations Cute

Speaking of things you can put up on the walls, you should also make the decorations as cute as possible. You’ll have quite a few options for this, with alphabet letters being one of the more notable. A lowercase E or whichever letter your child’s name starts with could be recommended for this.

Not only will they add to the room’s appeal, but they’ll be cuter than you’d think. Spend a bit of time figuring out what you think will look best for this. You can even use some of their old toys as decorations if you want to add some extra appeal.

3. Put In A Rug

You’ll naturally want your child’s bedroom to be as safe and comfortable as possible. That usually means having as few hard surfaces as possible. The floor will be one of the more notable of these, and your kids could slip and fall on it more than you’d think.

If the bedroom has a hard floor, it’s worth putting something down to make it softer. A rug could be more than enough to do this, and you shouldn’t have much to worry about. Even if they fall, they’ll have a much softer landing than they otherwise would have.

In conclusion…

Don’t break the bank–be smart when you shop. Decorating together with your child creates some pretty sweet memories for the both of you, too!

Happy decorating!