Have a Kid Who Plays Sports? Then You Need To Read This!

My son just started playing coach-pitch baseball. Growing up in a family that holds America’s favorite pastime in high regard, I was excited to see my offspring carry on the tradition. My baseball coach husband was at the ready to help the team, and our girls make the perfect little sideline cheerleaders.

Until they play, that is.

Masked in the excitement and nostalgia was something I hadn’t anticipated: STUFF. Oh.my.goodness there is SO much stuff! From all-weather gear to first-aid just in cases to snacks for said cheerleaders, I may as well pitch a tent and live on the baseball field! The first few games were a little overwhelming, but then I realized I needed to get organized. I put together a list of 8 must-haves at every game and it made a world of difference. Check out those 8 things HERE.

Brady 2016